Kamron Coleman (B 1972) began his professional art career in his early twenties as a permanent gallery artist in Chelan, Washington where both sides of his family have roots. He spent 19 years as a self-employed stonemason, sculptor, and fabricator and finisher in many mediums for the construction industry. He secured Utility and Design patents for innovations in construction and wood-fired pizza ovens of his own manufacture. Kamron went on to stand up the sand-casting discipline at the world-renowned Walla Walla Foundry, where he pioneered radical metal casting techniques for elements of some of the most expensive contemporary art in the world.

Since meeting his wife, harpist Bethany Evans, Kamron moved to the Willamette Valley, Oregon, where he has collaborated directly with symphony executives to create symphony-specific fine art for fundraising for symphonies across the United States. His painting, “Derby Day”, is in the running for Churchill Downs’ Art of the Derby.

His style is recognized for manipulating the viewer’s focus. In this age of high-definition imaging, Kamron’s work plays on themes of the more natural experience of seeing the world both in and out of focus.


Kamron is eight years into the creation of an educative and spiritually evocative display called, “Apotheosis: St John’s Key to the Mystery of Godliness”, a 200-foot-long scroll depicting ancient Near East temple themes that illuminate the polytheistic themes of John and the life cycle of the human soul ascending from seal to seal on the covenant path. What began simply as a desire to represent the Comforter in the Garden of Gethsemane as Christ’s Heavenly Mother, became a years-long investigation into the role that select women, namely the three Marys, played in the literal rebirth of the Messiah, a metamorphosis likewise intended for every one of his disciples.

The Apotheosis Scroll traces Christian atonement theology to its roots in the polytheistic temple mysteries of Egypt, Israel, Babylon, and India. This true vine was exemplified by Jesus of Nazareth and its sophisticated Persian symbolism spread from Jerusalem, in part, through Roman Mithraism. The Apotheosis Scroll celebrates a living body of scripture that springs from the yearning to holiness felt by people everywhere and through all time. Differentiated from monotheism, it is about a very old style of theology that found its primary expressions in art and ceremony, when the exaltation of the human soul was a family affair, accomplished by mother and father, and sister and brother, with the Son at the center of its revolutions.

This monumental work contains more than 200 original artworks including oil paintings, hand-drawn diagrams, and charts, and a 25,000-word essay. All the discreet components are being gathered digitally to create the gorgeous scroll file, which will then be printed on canvas, so that it can be exactly replicated to scale and viewed in its entirety online. Reproductions will be made available for sale, and ideally, the scroll and table will go on tour to libraries, universities, and galleries to be accompanied by original artworks contained in the Scroll.

Kamron welcomes organizational and private commissions and works by private sales.





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