“Washington, Old Nelson, and Providence (Cropped)” 30×30 Signed Special Limited Edition on Bamboo


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“Washington, Old Nelson, and Providence” 30w x 30h Signed Special Limited Edition of 50. Direct Giclee print on laminated bamboo with commercial grade clearcoat. A square and close up cropping of Kamron Coleman’s original oil painting on canvas 72w x 48h. This reproduction is carefully handmade in a 14 step process. Please allow several weeks for this order to be fulfilled.

George Washington is in prayer beside his war horse, Nelson. To paraphrase Benjamin Franklin, “The sun is not setting, rather, it is rising.”

“The miraculous care of Providence protected me beyond all human expectation.” -George Washington

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Weight 64 oz
Dimensions 30 × 1 × 30 in

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