“Duality” ORIGINAL and Prints


“Duality” 36w x 36h Oil on Canvas
When looking up into the sky on a starry night, one can see the Tree of Life, or the River of Life spanning across the sky as an arm of the Milky Way. Just as on an African savannah split by such a river, on one side is the lion (the constellation Leo), and on the other side of the river is the water buffalo, or cow, or ox (Taurus). Born enemies, one predator and the other prey, but both natural and essential, these two constellations in their celestial setting express duality as understood by the ancients. The Leo side represents spirit, or heaven, and the Taurus side represents matter, or the earth. Also contained in this split is male and female, light and dark, freshwater and seawater, life and death, above and below. This is the original setting for the Garden of Eden from Genesis as well as John’s War in Heaven. Their turning away from the other into this state of nature is The Fall. Subsuming nature by embodying matter with a more refined spirit was the purpose of religion.


“Duality” ORIGINAL Oil on Canvas. 36w x 36h. One-of-a-kind. Unframed. Shipped in a wooden crate at no additional charge in the Continental US.
Fine art Giclee reproductions on paper or canvas, hand-signed by the artist.
Paper Giclee prints are archival ink on hard, flat archival art print paper. The print comes rolled in a tube and is recommended for framing behind glass.
The beautiful collectable canvas reproductions are Giclee archival ink prints on heavy weight archival art canvas.  Each canvas reproduction has a 3-inch white border beyond the specified print size.
Canvas prints may be framed under glass like a standard art print on paper, or mounted on a stretch frame or a board and framed or left unframed. Gallery mirror wrap imaging is avaialble at no additional cost if requested at the time of purchase.
Canvas prints are left unsealed, resulting in a high-detail matte, non-reflective finish per the deliberate stylistic preference of the artist. The canvas reproduction comes rolled in a tube.
No sales tax, shipping is $1.
Custom sized reproductions are available. Please inquire the studio by emailing kamron@kamroncolemanart.com
The one-of-a-kind original oil on canvas or spray painting on board may be available. Please inquire the studio.

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20w x 20h Canvas Print, 20w x 20h Paper Print, 24 x 24 Paper Print, 24w 24h Canvas Print, 30 x 30 Paper Print, 30w x 30h Canvas Print, 36 x 36 Canvas Print, 36 x 36 Paper Print, ORIGINAL Oil on Canvas 36w x 36h


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