Bamboo Editions Explained


George Angle 2019 043.jpg

Never heard of a Special Limited Edition on Bamboo? Neither had I, until I created this as the most interesting and engaging limited edition reproduction I could offer. You see, I am a builder. For twenty years I was a self-taught stonemason, sculptor, concrete finisher, metal worker, inventor, and finish carpenter. When I decided to reproduce my paintings, I wanted to do it the way an artisan in numerous mediums would. I wanted to do something out of the ordinary, and something that actually sets it apart and makes it distinctly different from the oil painting on canvas that preceded it. I wanted to make something rare and distinctive in finish, and few in number in the whole world. Each is invididually signed and numbered on the back, and given a seal of origination.

A Bamboo Edition should be thought of more as a piece of fine, hand-made furniture, than a “print”. Bamboo is the most renewable hardwood in the world. It is strong and resilient. It is beautiful. The image of the painting is expertly reproduced on “plywood” panels made of hundreds of thin strips, that have been rotated and seasoned for months and months. In a 14-step process the panels are sealed and sanded, and sealed and sanded again. I am very proud of the team I pulled together to make this item from our varied expertise. The finished product is like none you have ever seen. Through the image you can see the texture of natural wood, and sometimes, even, the seams between the strips as they swell or contract with the seasons, and humidity or lack thereof. This is an item that lives, in a sense, reacting to the environment, and changing with time. I love that about it.

While extraordinary effort is spent to make a precise and consistent product, no two are identical. Each will have its own “fingerprint” or texture. Some will show seams more readily, others more wood texture. None of us will ever be able to predict what kind of character any individual Bamboo Edition will manifest. In no way are the individual textural traits of each Edition considered defects, any more than a tree would be considered defective for the particular way its branches grow. Let go of control and let the piece be: let it breathe. Let it move. Though not right for everyone, collectors will recognize a Coleman Bamboo Edition for many years to come, wherever it might be found, as something special.

Bamboo back 2019 065.jpg
Back of Bamboo Edition
George angle 2019 051
Angle view
George Edge 2019 061
End grain detail